7 tips to get your ex back

They say that “you never know what you have until you lose it”. And this is often true in the majority of romantic relationships that end.

According to the psychiatrist argentine Marcelo Cubellun, after ending a relationship, “it may happen that you wake up again in you the desire to go back with that person, after you perceive what you lost.


To achieve your goal, you’ll need to temper your emotions with the mind.”

Many people realize how valuable that was your partner when it is already too late. And it is often the case that we value most to our loved ones when we feel that we lost them.

This expert offers seven recommendations to take the right path when you really want to resume the relationship with a former partner.

1. You don’t have contact with your ex for a reasonable time

This will be useful to focus on yourself, in addition to thinking and analyzing if you really want to resume the relationship. Also, the expert says that being away from your other half, you are given the opportunity that he or she will be surprised.

2. Avoid looking desperately for your ex

When you are very pushy, the other person feels harassed and just want to get away. If you indicate your interest by return, do it without pressing.

3. I know you

Don’t act in a different way, as that your ex fell in love with you for who you are.

4. Proponle a meeting alone

This will serve to talk about the relationship and know if you have a good chance of rebuilding what they had. Try to choose a rather neutral and with a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Reinforce the positive aspects that took the relationship

Don’t put in the face of errors, as it will only create more conflict. You can talk about them, but as a way to overcome them and move forward into a new stage.

6. I know you are cautious and patient

For a relationship to start working in a solid manner, it is best to go with calm and without pressure. Don’t force the feelings and the healing process.

7. Don’t be possessive

If you want to get back with text your ex back, you must ensure that each one has its space. An obsessive relationship and co-dependency is not healthy for anyone, and leads to the premature wear of the union.

To get back with your ex-partner, think before what you expect from a relationship and reflects on the errors that have generated conflicts for not re-incurring them. Words of the expert.


Author: hood36female

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